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8 Feng Shui Safe Box Tips To Accumulate Money Energies

We have associated many items and symbols with money luck in Feng Shui. However, one of the most neglected items is the safe box we use to store money and other valuables. It symbolizes the accumulation of wealth energies.

Therefore, we need to know the essential tips to use and place the safe box in your home and office. There is a mixture of Feng Shui and common sense elements, so let’s review the pro tips in this article.

1. Safe Box Facing Main Entrance is a Big Feng Shui Taboo

There is a common belief that the location of a safe box in your home can impact your fortune. Placing it facing the main entrance makes it difficult to accumulate wealth.

Therefore, do not locate a safe box facing directly to the main entrance.

2. Keep In a Discreet Location

Choosing a secure and discreet location to place your safe box is ideal for maintaining a sense of privacy and security. You should avoid placing it in location with direct view from the external surroundings or areas with heavy human traffic.

3. Put Safe Box in Wealth Sector

It would be best to place the safe box in the house’s wealth sector or Southeast position. This sector is associated with wealth and abundance in Seng Shui. As a result, positioning the safe box here can symbolize the protection and preservation of financial assets.

4. Only Keep Valuable Items in the Safe Box

Keep valuable items, like jewellery, investment statement, house deed or auspicious ornaments, in the safe because these items symbolise success and abundance. On the other hand, avoid keeping clutter and receipt in the safe box.

In addition, keeping these items in a safe will also protect them from theft or damage.

5. No Overhead Beam Above The Safe Box

Overhead beams create downward and oppressive energy that is considered unfavourable in Feng Shui. Therefore, placing your safe box under such a beam can generate a sense of pressure or constraint, which may need to be more conducive to the energy of security and protection that the safe box represents.

6. Keep Safe Box Away From Toilet

Do not place in an area that is filthy and full of moisture, for example, the toilet, because negative energy will flow in and obstruct wealth and positive energy flow.

In addition, the negative energy associated with unclean spaces can affect the energetic quality of your financial assets.

7. Do Not Expose the Safe Box

Positioning your safe box near a full-height window can be detrimental to your money luck because it can lead to financial losses and instability.

Therefore, it is vital to keep the safe box away from any window and place it in an area where positive energy can flow freely. By applying these tips, you can protect yourself from potential financial losses and ensure your money’s luck remains strong.

8. Place Lucky Symbols On Top of The Safe

Place auspicious ornaments, such as a fortune cat, wealth coin, money bowl, golden pig, god of wealth, etc., on top of your safe box to symbolise attracting wealth and abundance.



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