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Tips to Feng Shui Your Safe Box

Regarding the placement of your safe box in office or home, there are a mixture of Feng Shui and common sense elements, so let’s go through some do’s and don’ts for safe location.

Safe Box Placement Do’s and Don’ts 

1. Do not locate a safe box facing directly to the main entrance as it indicates the difficulties to accumulate fortune. 

2. Keep safe box (fridge is also considered as a safe deposit box) in a less obvious position and cannot be seen from outside. This is to minimize the probability of theft and burglary too.

3. You can place your safe box  in your house wealth position to activate it but remember to keep it hidden inside a cupboard.

4. Remember to keep valuable items, like jewellery, investment statement, house deed or auspicious ornaments. Just keep it clutter-less.

5. Do not put the safe box under the beam as it will cause stress to your finance.

6. Do not place in area that is filthy and full of moisture, for example, toilet because negative energy will flow in and obstruct wealth and positive energy in flow.

7. Do not place your safe box near to a full height window to prevent your money luck to deteriorate. 

8. Place auspicious ornaments, for example fortune cat, wealth coin, golden pig, god of wealth and etc on top of your safe box to symbolise attracting wealth.




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