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Having a Bathroom With 2 Doors – Good or Bad Feng Shui?

In recent years, constructing your bathroom with 2 doors has become more popular and common. This layout allows the toilet to be accessible from either one of the rooms. Many people love this concept because of its ease of convenience, especially for studio apartments.

This layout configuration might seem like a good design for convenience, but it has adverse effects, so what are they?

Why Having a Bathroom With 2 Doors is a Bad Idea?

bathroom 2 doors bad feng shui

1. Create Unnecessary Insecurity and Worries

Since there are two entries to the toilet, you will need to check and ensure to lock the door from both sides. You are afraid that someone might enter the bathroom suddenly if you accidentally forget to close it.

It will create unnecessary worries and gradually affect your mental health.

2. Affect Sleep Quality

Besides this, you will also be disturbed and affected by the noise from the bathroom. It comes from the flushing and opening/closing of the door. Moreover, the noise will be louder at night when there are activities in the bathroom. Hence, you might fall sick in the long run due to poor sleep quality.

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How Does Bathroom with 2 Doors Affect Feng Shui?

From the perspective of Feng Shui, we call this layout the “Returning Wind Killing Energies” 回风煞. With such a layout configuration, there will be difficulties and challenges in accumulating wealth. In addition, it can also affect the family relationship with disagreement and quarrels. As a result, the family members in the house tend to go out more often and not stay home.

How To Remedy?

The best solution is to permanently seal off one of the doors so that there is only one entrance into the bathroom.



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