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Black Tourmaline Crystal – Benefits, Use in Feng Shui and Jewellery

In the world of crystals, there are many stones that are widely known for their protective energy. They are black obsidian, tiger eye, but the champion of all is the black tourmaline that can defend against many negative energies. Black tourmaline crystal, also known as schorl, is connected to the root chakra, so the grounding properties make it a good stone to use for mediation.

What are the Benefits of Black Tourmaline Crystal?

– It helps in cleansing a body’s energy if you keep it near to you when sleeping. 

– It is also believed to aid in effectively reducing the pain of arthritis problem.

– Act as a shield against negativity and also help to overcome your fears and anxieties 

– Black tourmaline crystal can absorb and minimize EMF that is generated from electronic devices, like TV, mobile devices and others.

– It serves as an amulet or tailsman that absorbs negative energies and ward off evil spirit.

Black Tourmaline Crystal bracelet


How do I use Black Tourmaline Crystal in Feng Shui?

– Because of its protective properties, it is most suited to be placed at the front entrance of your home. It can help to dispel any negative energy flowing into the house 

– Placing black tourmaline at the corners of the room or near your bed can help to create a protective shield for the space. It is a useful stone for people who are having issues getting into sleep.

– You can place it on your home office or workplace to minimise the effect of EMF so that your mental and physical health will not be affected.

– Some people even placed in their car to provide them protection and dispelling undesired energy

What is the advantage of wearing a black tourmaline jewellery?

Because the black tourmaline is a strong protector, it is commonly crafted into wearable jewellery, like bracelets, necklaces so that people can wear them daily.

It helps to form a protective energetic boundaries and purify any negative energy that comes your way.




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CrystalsBlack Tourmaline Crystal – Benefits, Use in Feng Shui and Jewellery