6 Handy BTO Feng Shui Tips To Pick The Right House in SG

Buying a good Feng Shui house is everyone’s dream and desire, especially in Singapore. But unfortunately, with the high cost of housing and limited space for living, finding a place that meets all your needs can be challenging. In addition, getting an HDB BTO flat also comes with a minimum occupation period of 5 years regulation. So choosing a good Feng Shui house at the start is essential.

However, with careful consideration and research, you can find a Feng Shui house that fits your budget and provides you with the positive energy you need to thrive. This article will discuss how to buy a good Feng Shui house in Singapore and the benefits it can bring.

However, you must remember that there is no 100% good Feng Shui house, but we can use these BTO Feng Shui tips to search for one that encourages good Chi.

What is BTO?

BTO, Build-to-Order, is a unique public housing scheme launched by Singapore’s Housing Development Board (HDB). Interested parties can apply for the flat and must wait 5 to 6 years for their new HDB flat to be ready.

You cannot view the physical unit since it still needs to be built, which can cause selection challenges. However, we covered you with these 6 BTO Feng Shui tips to select a BTO flat.

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1. Choose The Flat With The Right Floorplan

One crucial factor to consider when considering Feng Shui in-house selection is the shape of the unit. Squarish or rectangular units are ideal because they minimise the risk of having any “missing sectors”, which can disrupt the energy flow in a space. Therefore, choosing a unit with a regular shape will ensure that all directions are represented, thus creating an environment conducive to positive energy flow.

From a practical point of view, choosing a BTO flat with a regular shape is vital. Squarish or rectangular-shaped homes provide more options for furniture arrangement compared to other forms, such as circular or triangular houses. They allow more efficient use of space and accommodate different furniture pieces without overcrowding the room.

2. Do Not Choose Unit Facing the West Sun

Choosing a west facing house can be a costly decision, both financially and spiritually. Not only does the scorching heat make it difficult to stay indoors, but such units are also said to have bad Feng Shui. Furthermore, these units are harder to sell off in the future due to their limited market appeal.

3. Look Around The Exterior of Your House

When it comes to finding a house with good Feng Shui, it is essential to consider the surrounding amenities. For example, avoiding places near hospitals, graveyards, and other areas that could bring negative energy into your home would be beneficial.

Instead, look for places surrounded by nature or with calming views that will bring in good chi. By considering these factors when choosing a home, you can ensure that you live in an environment with positive energy and good luck!

4. Look Outside Your Unit

Feng Shui emphasizes the importance of the environment in creating harmony and balance in one’s life, so a person’s surroundings can profoundly affect their well-being. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the exterior situations of a site plan when choosing a BTO flat or a house.

For example, some undesirable situations are the main door facing directly towards the staircase, the lift or the neighbour’s front door and many others. Such configurations create an imbalance in energy flow and negatively affect those living or working there.

Therefore, it is essential to consider this pointer when reviewing your site plan and making any necessary changes to ensure optimal Feng Shui.

5. No Toilet or Kitchen in The Heart of The House

Divide your floor plan into nine sectors and look for the centre sector. Avoid choosing a unit with a toilet or kitchen in the centre of the house, as this layout affects wealth accumulation and fertility.

6. What Did You See When Standing At The Main Door?

When we look at the floor plan of the BTO flat and look for the main door, it is vital to take a few moments to observe the environment around this area. We should make sure that the main entrance door does not face directly towards the bedroom, toilet, or kitchen. It is because having such an arrangement can bring about negative energy and cause disharmony in the home.

If you are looking for a BTO flat in Singapore, consider these Feng Shui tips when selecting your home. Following these guidelines, you can find a house that brings you good luck and fortune.

Alternatively, if you want to be more confident of the outcome of your search, you can also engage a professional Feng Shui consultant who will help you select the perfect home for yourself.



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