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7 Tips To Improve Your Business Card Feng Shui Today to Get Noticed

Your corporate identity and branding extend beyond the meeting room and office space. The business card is the immediate representation of your brand image, since it is seen by people doing business with you. It also portrait your attitude towards the business. If you are seeking for success and fortune in your career or business, your name card Feng Shui design is an important factor that you must not neglect.

You can use the Feng Shui auspicious principles to apply them to your business card design. Here are the top 7 Feng Shui tips and rules for designing your business cards to attract fortune.

1. Auspicious Dimensions

In some Feng Shui practices, people love to use auspicious dimensions for furniture such as altar table, working desk and many others. This concept is like the name card length and width. It is believed that adopting the right lucky dimension can bring wealth and abundance to the business.

2. Avoid Pointy and Sharp Design

It is recommended to avoid using sharp points and angular parts in the logo design. Such logos are inauspicious for the business because it would create poison arrow shooting at your business. Avoid using sharp and pointed element like spears, knives or swords in your logo too.

3. No Surrounding Border and Restrictions

One of the most essential elements in Feng Shui is good flow in the space. This means that there should not be any obstruction. Business card should not be illustrated with any border around the card so that it does not give a “trapped” feeling. It should be open with no restriction to symbolize room for expansion and greater height.

4. Apply The Basic Principle – Clutter-less

Besides applying this Feng Shui concept to home and office, it should also apply to designing your name card. Always keep your card clean and concise by removing all redundant information and only put relevant ones. It might not look professional too with all the scattered information.

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5. Color Plays A Part Too

The basic Feng Shui principle of element must be followed so that you have a balance and harmonious energy. The color used must compliment with each other, instead of having conflict. Follow the reproductive cycle of 5 elements to choose the background and text color on your business card.

Feng Shui Element Reproductive Cycle:

– Wood create Fire

– Fire produces Earth

– Earth produces metal

– Metal generate Water

– Water grows Wood

What Are the Colors For The 5 Elements?

Five ElementsColors Series
WoodGreen Series
FireRed/Purple Series
EarthYellow/Brown Series
GoldGold/White Series
WaterBlack/Blue/Grey Series

6. Avoid The Center

The name should not be placed in the center of the card. It causes stress and pressure on the business card owner.

7. Arrangement of your Company Name and Name Does Matter

The company’s name should always be first and made significant in order to show the strength. Your own name should always come after the business name.

By applying these simple 7 Feng Shui tips when designing your business card, you’ll have a special business card to distribute. It will also help to bring you good luck and money too.




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Office & Career7 Tips To Improve Your Business Card Feng Shui Today to Get Noticed