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Butterfly Symbol Feng Shui Use and Significance

In some Feng Shui practice and belief, lucky symbols in the form of either an object or animals are used to bring good luck in every aspect of people’s lives. Especially for those who are seeking love luck, the most popular ornaments are the rose pink quartz crystalmandarin ducks. In this post, we will cover another Feng Shui symbol of love and freedom that is the butterfly.

Butterfly symbol is mainly used to cure the romance-related aspect. It is believed to enhance the quality of love luck in those who are in a relationship. Adding the butterfly symbol in your home decoration gives people a romantic feeling to the modern interior designed home.


Butterfly Symbol Feng Shui Use and Placement

1. In the master bedroom – For those who are already in a relationship or married, this symbol is meant to resolve love problems. For those who are in search of love, it can also help to attract your other half into your life.

2. In the kids’ room – If you have children at home, you can decorate the room with butterfly as it encourages creativity and freedom.

3. A special gift option – If you are planning to give a gift to cheer a depressed friend up, an ideal choice can be a painting, a bedsheet or a card with butterfly images.

The vibrant color of the lovely butterfly will help to add some color to their lives and give them the strength to get out of this difficult situation.

4. In the area of life that requires positive changes – there are some practices to place this symbol in the sector that need changes based on the Ba Gua aspiration map, for example, if one is facing a love relationship, then placed it in the southwest sector.

This belief comes about because butterfly is well known to gracefully through various stages to transform into a beautiful form. This means that it will resolve the current problem with little issue.

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