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Dream About Being Pregnant? 8 Different Scenarios with Interpretations

We might have the experience of a dream that is related to pregnancy, so what does it mean? Is it a good omen? Do it mean that you are going to be pregnant in real life?

The dream of pregnancy has different countless of hidden meanings based on the dreams you had. It is not restricted by gender or age. It might also reflect the current real-life situation that we are in.

Let’s go through the different types of scenarios and the meaning behind them.

1. Pregnant Woman Dream About Being Pregnant

In the initial phrase of pregnancy, it is typical for a woman to dream about expecting a baby and being a mother. If you feel delighted in the dream, it means that you are ready and excited to begin a new milestone in your life, thus it is positive.

If you feel depressed about being pregnant in the dream, it is a sign of fear that you are afraid to take up any changes and take up new responsibilities.

2. Dream About Someone Else is Pregnant

Dreaming that someone else pregnant means that you are subconsciously being aware of the changes in people surrounding you. This may be triggered by their words and actions that differ from before. 

3. Dream About Being Pregnant with Twins

Dreaming about having twins implies strong intentions to change the current status quo. You hope you can achieve success and breakthrough in all aspects of your life. It can be the love relationship, career progression, family, etc. This type of dream represents a good omen that they will blossom and bear fruits as a happy ending.

There is another belief that such situation in a dream symbolise a conflict inside your inner self. You have opposing ideas or decision to choose that create a dilemma.

dream about pregnant with twins


4. Woman Dream of A Pregnant Man 

If you are a woman and have a dream that a man is pregnant, it indicates that a man in your life will bear the burden for you. Besides that, he will also help you achieve desirable results in whatever you do.

5. Single Unmarried Woman Dream of Expecting with Babies

If you are single woman, it may symbolize that you will have difficulties finding a boyfriend. Even if you get married, you will face problematic marriage too.

6. Man Dream of His Wife Got Pregnant

It is an auspicious omen if you have a dream that your wife is pregnant. It hints that you will enjoy an unexpected windfall of money.

7. Dream of Expecting But Lost The Baby Before Birth

If you dream about being pregnant but lost the baby through miscarriage or abortion,  it suggests that a planned or ongoing project that you have put in a lot of effort will be scrapped off and abandoned.

8. Dream of Being Pregnant with a Girl or Boy

If you are currently pregnant and have a dream of the baby gender, it does not mean that your baby’s gender will be the same.

Dream about being pregnant with a girl or boy indicates your strong desire and preference for the gender of the little ones.

9. Woman Who Already Have Children Dream of Being Pregnant

It shows that you are currently leading a happy life and having a harmonious family.

10. Man or Elderly Dream of Becoming Pregnant

This dream might sound crazy but it show your strong desire to have children/grandchildren.

In conclusion, it is hard to determine if these dream interpretations will come true. It is because there is minimal research to come out with any concrete proof.

However, it is widely believed that it is a physiological effect that the dream is closely associated to what we are encountering in the real life.

Beside interpreting the hidden meanings behind the dreams, the Chinese also has their own pregnancy traditions.




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Dream InterpretationsDream About Being Pregnant? 10 Different Scenarios with Interpretations