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Feng Shui For Apartment – Does High or Low Floor Level Really Matter?

In this current modernized era, high-rise apartment buildings have already been the home of many people. When you are searching for your dream house, besides taking the exterior and interior situation into consideration, you also need to pick the right level.

Staying high or low level has been a debatable topic in the past decades. There are 2 schools of thought that one favors the higher levels while the other prefers low floor. In this article, we will understand the pros and cons in the aspect of the Feng Shui principle and practicality.

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Pros and Cons of Living on a Higher Floor of an Apartment


– The higher you go, the probability of affected by “poison arrow”/unfavorable energy is minimize.

– You can enjoy unobstructed cool wind and unblocked view.

– Noise can be further reduced if you live at a higher level, since most of them are created by people talking at void decks and shared spaces, for example, basketball court, etc.

– Your house usually is brighter because you have access to the natural sunlight that is good for the household

– Lower chance of meeting the creepy insects like cockroaches and lizard

– You will enjoy more privacy, as compared to living on a low floor


– Since there is no blockage, it also means that you are directly exposed to the trapping heat of the sunlight, especially if you are living in a west-facing flat

– The unobstructed wind brings in the dust, so the higher floor is dustier. It is also not good to stay in a unit that has gushing wind that causes the door to slam every day.

– More expensive

low level feng shui for apartment


Pros and Cons of Living on a Lower Floor of an Apartment


– Some people believe that the lower your unit is, you are closer to the ‘地气’ (represent the energy from the ground). This is beneficial to the health of the household members that are staying in the flat. Do not purchase a house that is lower than the ground level and the road is higher. It has a negative impact, similar to living in a basement.


– It increases your chance of inviting the household pest into your house

– Noise pollution (people talking or playing) can be an issue too

– Look out for enormous trees that are too near or even touching your windows, as they can bring in insects or pests.

– Bright lighting from the lamppost can also affect the household

Besides the above Feng Shui tips for apartment, the cost of buying the apartment also plays the most important role. As the level goes higher, the cost will relatively go up too. Depending on the area you are planning to stay in, the difference between one level can add up to an extra free thousand dollars. In conclusion, it still depends on individual preference and you must love where you stay.




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