Feng Shui Wealth Ship Significance and 7 Placement For Money

We always see a Feng Shui wealth ship depicted with many gems and treasures. It is a popular display decoration and wealth cure among Chinese business owners and tycoons. They will place the vessel in their house, office or even both.

They love the auspicious meaning of the wealth ship that brings abundance and prosperity to them. In addition, many people also believed that this lucky charm blessed them with a smooth sailing journey.

How To Use and Place Wealth Ship For Good Feng Shui?

1. The head of the ship should be facing the inside of the house inwards, symbolising welcoming the money luck inside, instead of pointing out, resembling sending your wealth away.

2. You can place it on your work desk too to symbolise having a smooth sailing career journey without many obstacles.

3. The area where you place this wealth symbol must be bright and spacious because it indicates a bright future full of opportunities.

4. Fill the ship with gems, treasure, real money, and foreign currency (for people who have business internationally). It symbolises fruitful endeavours filled with rewards instead of an empty ship that resembles an empty-handed scenario.

5. Displaying a Feng Shui wealth ship in your office space or retail shop is widely believed to bring in more customers, hence increasing closed sale deals.

6. There is another practice by those who wish to create multiple income streams to own more than just one wealth ship.

7. Avoid placing the wealth ship in toilets and kitchen as it might attract bad luck.



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