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How to Position L-Shaped Desk for Good Feng Shui?

For most of us, a large portion of our days is spent at work, specifically at the office desks. Hence, having a good work desk configuration can aid in bringing favorable career luck and improve well-being. Beside the position, material of the desk, items on the table, the shape of the desk does matter too.

The most preferred choice will be an office desk that comes with rectangular shape, but many of us will be questioning, “Is L-shaped desk good or bad Feng Shui?”

If you have an L-shaped desk, the only challenge faced will be finding the optimal position, but it is still feasible by following these Feng Shui rules.


L-Shaped Desk Feng Shui Simple Tips to Apply For Positive Vibes

1. Be seated at the Command position

If you are unsure where is the command position, it is located diagonally across from the room entrance.

With a L-shaped desk, it is advisable to sit at the position that your back is facing a solid wall as a support, instead of windows. In this position, it can also provide you the complete view of the room and you will know who is coming in.

2. Position Yourself to Face  Your Favorable Direction

Everyone has their 4 unfavorable and favorable direction based on their personal Kua number. The most important thing is to ensure that you are always seated at the L-shaped desk facing your favorable Sheng Chi direction. If the situation does not permit, you should at least face one of your 4 favorable directions based on the Kua Number formula.

There is a common belief that a L-shaped desk is bad feng shui. However, if it is positioned in the right way, L-shaped desks can also contribute plenty of positive energy too.




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Office & CareerHow to Position L-Shaped Desk for Good Feng Shui?