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How To Energise and Feng Shui Your Desktop For Career Success?

Regardless if working from home or in an office environment, you can always Feng Shui your desktop to boost productivity and success in your career.

One of the most simple concepts people practice is using the Bagua Map. Simply divide your desktop into 9 virtual grid and place the items in area corresponding to each aspect of your life. This layout configuration creates a positive and inviting work environment that can help to increase productivity.

You can refer to the below table to organise your desktop to match the Bagua map.

Feng Shui Bagua Map Based on Intentions

Bagua map desktop feng shui


PositionRepresentationSuitable ColorBest to Put
1Wealth and AbundancePurple and GoldLiving plant, Cleaning running Water fountain (great motion to generate wealth flow), calculator and any item that symbolize money
2Fame and ReputationRedThis space represent your power so you must keep this area very clean, you can choose to put inspirational quote to inspire yourself. You can also put name cards, awards in this area too.
3RelationshipRed, Pink or WhitePhotos of your loved ones, like children or spouse to create a positive energy here
4FamilyGreenThis section of the desk is reserved for family and is a great place to put your family photos with wooden framed. You can consider put anything green at this sector of your desk too.
5HealthYellowThis area represent your physical health . Just like the home Feng Shui it is advisable to keep this area clear so that the chi energy can easily reach all areas on your desk.
6CreativityPinkUtilize this space for items or anything that can spur your creativity
7Wisdom and KnowledgeBlueIt is recommended to place books that you are studying and learning, or any books from wise people and even motivational type.
8Career and SelfBlackThe space right in front of you represent your career and self. It is best to put your laptop with inspirational quote as the desktop image to induce daily motivation
9Helpful peopleGrayIn this area of your desk, it is associated with the color "gray". and is a great place to keep your address book, office phone and mobile phone. This symbolize that help will always comes when you need it.

In conclusion, arranging and decorating your desktop to be aligned with Feng Shui might not seem challenging as it looks. Choose the right desk, place it in the command position and apply the Bagua map. You can place the objects in the specific area of the desktop to manifest your intention.

However, it is also important to balance clutter and order. With this Feng Shui optimized layout, you are on the right track to a successful career.



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Office & CareerHow To Energise and Feng Shui Your Desktop For Career Success?