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7 Awesome Feng Shui Plants For The Office Desk To Attract Good Luck

Regardless if you are working at home, a cubicle in the office, many people love to place plants on the office desk. Plants undoubtedly are the most popular interior decoration in this space. Besides introducing greenery, they also help to purify the air and boost the surrounding energy. If you choose the right plants and place them at the optimal position, it encourages a proper flow of the Chi that is beneficial to human.

The main purpose of including greenery into this space is to bring in positive and wealth energy. Plants with auspicious symbolism and meaning, especially related to wealth will be preferred. This is because the work desk is the space where we generate our income.

In this article, we will reveal the recommended Feng Shui plants for the office desk to increase productivity and bring in positive energy.

1. Jade Plant aka Money Plant – The No.1 Choice

This lucky plant is definitely the top choice for the office space if you wish to attract money energy. It got its good reputation thanks to the coin-liked leaves that are believed to make it a money magnet. Always choose the one that comes with the more green leaves.

This succulent plant is also easy to maintain and does not require much effort. However, do not ignore it completely too. Remember to water it and avoid putting it under direct sunlight. Jade plant is a perfect choice for those people who want to bring greenery into their working space but are too busy or lazy for that.

2. Chinese Money Plant – Bring Abundance to Owner

Pilea Peperomiodes, also known as the coin plant is another version of money plant. Its round and coin-liked leaves symbolise abundance and prosperity. This plant is low maintenance and requires medium light, so it is suitable to be placed in the office. Looking at this lucky plant makes people feel good and also helps to relieve stress from work.

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3. Lucky Bamboo – Gift Filled With Wealth and Prosperity

Lucky bamboo, a species of dracaena, is highly regarded as an auspicious plant. It symbolises wealth, abundance, and growth. Place one at each corner of your desk to usher in the positive energy. The number of stalks represents different meaning. If you are looking for happiness, prosperity and longevity, choose the 3 stalks. If not, choose the number of stalks based on your intention.

4. Orchid – Beauty & Elegance

Orchids can bring tranquility and harmony into the workplace. Place this elegant plant in the relationship sector of your desk to promote harmonious and nourishing energy. Choose white orchid for peace and violet for good luck.

5. Pachira Aquatica – Money Plants For The Office Desk

Also known as the Chinese money tree, they usually come with a few Pachira Aquatica tree trunks braided together. These unique braided trunks, together with its evergreen leaves are believed to accumulate wealth luck for the owners. Therefore, It is a popular lucky plant that is highly sought by many people for their office desk.

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6. Golden Pothos – Money Plant Again!

Golden Pothos, also known as devil’s ivy is a well known Feng Shui money plant that can flourish almost anywhere. This is because they are easy to maintain and propagate. In order to establish an auspicious symbolism, grow it upwards by anchoring to a bamboo stem or any support with bright light above. After which, you can place it on the left side of the office desk where we considered it the “Green Dragon” to symbolize career growth.

7. Peace Lily – Symbol of Tranquility

Peace lily is one of the top indoor air purifying plants best suited for offices where energy is stale. Besides that, it also encourages mental and physical balance. You can place it near to any electronic devices such as laptop or printers to minimise the EMF. As the name implies, it also encourages a peaceful environment that helps to build good relationships among colleagues.

In conclusion, picking the right plants for the office desk is beneficial to the workplace from the perspective of Feng Shui. Aside from the aesthetic look, it also promotes proper flow of energy that is good for the people. It can help business growth and enhance harmony among the staff.



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