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Feng Shui Tips For Kitchen Location – Do You Know The Best Spot?

Kitchen played an important role in home Feng Shui as it is the one of the trinity (Main Door, Kitchen and Bedroom). The position of the kitchen can affect the overall luck of the household. Besides that, it is closely associated with the household members’ health since food is prepared in this space. It is always advisable to select a good unit floor plan that comes with the optimal kitchen location. This is because you cannot change it unless you can build it from scratch.

Where To Position Your Kitchen For Good Wealth Luck and Avoid Misfortune?

1. Kitchens that are near the main entrance door are unfavourable for accumulating of wealth luck. It can get worse, especially in the layout that you can see the fridge or stove directly from the main door. This is because these 2 appliances are usually associated with the wealth luck for the family.


2. The optimal location of kitchens are best to be in the inner half of the house that is out of view of the main door.

3. Avoid having a kitchen facing directly towards the toilet or having a toilet within the kitchen. This is because the foul smell might contaminate the aroma of the prepared food, therefore affecting the health of the household. It is also considered as element clash since toilet belongs to the water element and kitchen represents the fire element.

4. Keep your kitchen away from the center of the house because it represents the heart. Do you want to engulf your heart on fire?

5. Kitchens should not be located under a toilet on the floor above it.

After determining the good Feng Shui location for your kitchen, the next thing you must take care is the stove.

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