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Fortune cat has always been commonly known and used as the Feng Shui auspicious ornament. In the world of geomancy, there are meanings behind the colour of the cat and also the left/right raised paws and here in this articles, we will decipher the secrets behind it.

Decoding Left or Right Paw?

Left Paw – If you have a fortune cat with Left paw raised, it is a male cat. It symbolize to attract wealth, success in career and great fortune in business. It is suitable to be placed in the office.

Right Paw – It represent a female cat that symbolize joy and prosperity of the family and also blessed good health. In additional, it also has a meaning of welcoming guest, so it is suitable to placed at home and retail shops

How about both paws raised? It symbolize protection of home or business

The Meaning Behind the Colors 

Calico: Traditional color combination, considered to be the luckiest

White: Happiness, purity, and positive things to come

Gold: Wealth and prosperity

Black: Wards off evil spirits

Red: Success in love and relationships

Green: Good health

Knowing The Meaning Behind What the Cat Is Wearing and Holding

Bib and Bell: it may relate to protection, as well as wealth and material abundance

Coin: wealth and material abundance

The magic money mallet: If you see a small hammer, this represents wealth. When shaken, the mallet is supposed to attract wealth.

Regardless of the raised paw, colour, or item in its paw, you basically can’t go wrong with a Fortune Cat standing by your side.