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5 Essential Study Room Feng Shui Tips For Academic Success

All parents want their children to be happy and healthy, also not forget academic success. Therefore, it is vital to plan and configure an ideal and conducive study room for your little ones to spend their time in learning. If you use the Feng Shui guidelines to plan this room, it can be the most productive area for your children to study in.

In this article, we will share with you the fundamental tips to design a study room based on good Feng Shui practices.

1. Choose The Right Position For Desk Placement

The placement of the study desk plays a crucial role in the study room based on Feng Shui principle. You should always position your desk in the command position, meaning that your back should not face the door. It should also be placed diagonally opposite the door to have the complete view of the room.

You should also avoid putting the study desk directly in line with the door because it creates destructive energy rushing towards the table. As the window symbolizes poor support, so ensure that the back of your child is not facing the windows. They should always be supported by a solid wall.

It is good to position the desk away from a location that has protruding object above such as air conditioners, chandelier, exposed shelvings and beam. It can cause fatigue and general illness.

2. Free of Clutter

A study room should be kept neat and clean because clutter disrupts the flow of energy and creates a sense of confusion. It also helps the child to have a clearer mind in concentrating better on their study. Put away unnecessary items that are not related to study and clean up every day. It will be good to teach and pass the responsibility of the room’s cleanliness to the child.

3. Good Lighting Matter

You should always have a natural source of lighting in your study room. While studying during the day, open the window curtains to benefit from the positive energy from the sun. It also brings in fresh new energy to keep the students alert and focused. In the night time, ensure that the room is well lit. However, it is good to avoid spotlight because it causes tiredness easily.

4. Color Theme

A minimalist study room setup, together with a soft natural color theme, is perfect for studying. Go for light and natural color such as white and brown series as they help to improve concentration. In contrast, dark color like black should be avoided because it caused emotional and mental distraction.

study room feng shui


5. Bring In Plants

All students need a quiet and peaceful place to focus on their studies, so putting plants in the study room can boost productivity. Apart from that, it can also be a natural air purifier, creating a positive and relaxing environment. The lucky bamboo and peace lily are good choices to be brought into your study room.

In addition, many people also find that looking at the soothing color green benefit our eyesight. It can help to rest our eyes after looking at the books or laptop for a long duration.

In the current situation, study room often serves other purpose other than a space for studies. It can also be a room for people who are working from home and the same principles apply. Hope these simple tips can boost productivity and improve concentration in your study and work.




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