Home Office Feng Shui Tips

Home Office Feng Shui Tips When You Are Working From Home

The work from home concept has been increasingly adopted by many companies in the recent years and the employees are now offered the option to do their work remotely from home.

Regardless if you are an entreprenuer or remote worker, it is essential to configure a good home office Feng Shui to boost your career luck. So how? You are in luck today because we are covering in detail in this article.

Home Office Feng Shui Tips That You Should Know

1. Selection of the optimal position to set up your home working space.

– Similar to the office Feng Shui, it is always good to position yourself in the command position so that you can see the entrance.

If possible, try to sit facing your personal Sheng Qi or other auspicious direction using your Kua Number.

– Ensure that you have a solid wall support behind you. Avoid having a walkway or window behind you because it tends to give you a feeling of insecurity and also cause distraction at times.

– Do not mix your bedroom with your working space. Bedroom is a personal space dedicated for rejuvenation and romantic life. If work is integrated into this space, it might negatively affect your personal and career luck.

– Avoid sitting in a position with an above-head beam above you. It give people a sense of oppression that might give you stress.

– Shy away from the idea of working in the basement because the low ceiling and stagnant energy flow will affect the productivity of your work.

A clutterless and organised work table help you to focus and work towards your dream


2. Create boundaries – it is extremely important to set a boundary, especially for those working from home. It is to inform your surrounding family members that you are working and try not to disturb you.

3. Always keep your table free of clutter and organised to encourage good energy flow. You will feel more inspired and focused to work.

4. EMF from all the electrical equipment in this home office can affect your concentration and long term health condition, so it is good to place a natural plant or crystal to minimise the EMF.

5. Invest in a good chair – Since you spend so much time sitting in the chair, get a good quality one with high back for good support and also give you good posture.

If you are working from home, apply these home office feng shui tips to bring your career and business to a greater level.




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