Tibetan Prayer Flags

Mind Blowing Meanings You Didn’t Know About Tibetan Prayer Flags

The Tibetan prayer flags are believed to be filled with spiritual meanings and originated from one of the oldest religions in Tibet, known as Bon. You can easily find these colorful rectangular cloths throughout Nepal and Tibet in the Himalayan region of Asia. They come with different colors, inscribed with auspicious symbols, mantras (Om Mani Padme Hum ) and prayers.

In the recent years, they are being introduced to the western countries by the Black Sect Tibetan Tantric Buddhist School (BTB) practitioners.

Hanging this five color prayer flag is believed to help to increase good luck and reversing the bad one. Besides that, it can also protect the owner from evil spirit and overcome obstacles in life.

What Are The Meanings and Representations of Tibetan Prayer Flags Color?

Tibetan prayer flags come in vibrant and beautiful colors. These attributes make it a magnificent scene when they are hanged and blown by the wind. Each hue represents an element and has significance behind them. They typically come with blue, white, red, green, and yellow color. When the color is used together, it symbolizes balance and endless life.

In some Feng Shui practices, the productive cycle is used in the 5 element theory to bring positive and harmonious energy into the environment. It can also help to promote good fortune and protect against dangers.

ColorElementSymbolic Meaning
WhiteMetalRelieve and eliminate disasters
YellowEarthLongevity and increase wealth luck
GreenWoodHelp in Career progression and business breakthrough
BlueWaterProtect and Remove Evil
RedFireGain fame, authority and respect
Tibetan Prayer Flags Use and Significance in Feng Shui


Do’s and Don’ts For Prayer Flags

  • Always treat the flags with respect
  • Avoid placing them in areas with stagnant or negative energy, for example, on the floor, toilet or storage areas.
  • If you want to dispose of the flag, it should be burnt, instead of throwing into the trash bin.
  • It should not be decorated or made into clothing as it is a form of disrespect.

More Facts about Tibetan Prayer Flags

  • These flags are considered as very auspicious and if someone gives them to you as a gift, it will bring good luck.
  • If you find that the flag’s colors are fading, don’t worry because it symbolizes the blessing has been carried away.
  • Similar to Chinese almanac calendar, there is a tibetan calendar where you can find the auspicious date/time to hang the flag for better fortune.
  • There is a common misconception that the flag offer prayer to the God, but they do not. It is believed that the wind will blow the prayers into the air, sending goodwill and compassion.




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