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5 Things About Feng Shui Bell To Attract Good Energy

Many have used Feng Shui Bells for centuries as an essential part of Chinese culture. Previously, you could see priests or monks using bells for spiritual and religious rituals. However, in recent years, it has been incorporated into the Feng Shui practice to activate favourable positive energy or Sheng Chi to attract good fortune into your home or office.

People believe they bring luck and harmony to the household, so it’s no surprise that bells are a popular choice among those who practice Feng Shui.

Not only do bells look beautiful, but they also produce sounds that create a peaceful and calming atmosphere. In addition, you can also use bells for sound therapy because the gentle and soothing sounds can correct the harmful effects of any harsh noise. Besides this, it also has healing and calming effects, releasing blockage in our bodies and minds, being a sense of serenity and helping you feel at ease and peaceful.

From hanging bells in the bedroom to placing them in the living room, we’ll cover all the different Feng Shui tips with bells for luck and harmony.

What Are Feng Shui Bells and Their Symbolism?

In some Feng Shui practices, practitioners use bells to bring luck and prosperity into a home because they can ward off negative energy and attract positive energy.

Feng Shui bells come in various shapes, sizes, and colours, each of which has its symbolism. The most common symbols associated with these bells are dragons, phoenixes, fish, turtles, coins, and stars. Each pattern has its meaning related to health, wealth, success or protection from bad luck.

By understanding the symbolism behind these bells, we can make sure that we choose the right one for our homes to bring good luck and prosperity.

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What Are The Different Kinds of Feng Shui Bells?

The different kinds of bells have specific meanings and uses, so it’s essential to know which is best for your needs. In this section, we will explore the different kinds of Feng Shui bells and their uses so you can choose the one that will benefit you most.

1. Bells Attached with Red String

Red is an eye-catching and powerful colour that many use to activate the fire element’s energy in Feng Shui. As a result, you can often see it on various feng shui cures, such as bells with a red string.

You can hang these bells in the South sector which are incredibly potent and can attract energy, and good luck! They are great for activating areas in your home or office that need extra energy.

2. Bells with Buddha Design

Buddha Bell is an ancient meditation tool that can help you relax, focus and find inner peace. It has been used for centuries by Buddhists to aid in their daily meditation practice. Its calming sound can create a peaceful environment and allow you to practice mindfulness.

By using the bell regularly, you will reap the benefits of increased relaxation, improved concentration and overall well-being.

3. Feng Shui Bells with Carp or Goldfish

The carp or goldfish designs on these bells add to their symbolism of abundance and prosperity. You can invite positive energy into your home or workspace by hanging a fish design bell near your front door or wealth area.

Where To Place Feng Shui Bell For Good Luck?

The best place to hang a Feng Shui bell is near the front entrance of your home, as it will be the first thing people see when they enter. This area is also known as the mouth of Qi, the gateway for positive energy flow and opportunities to manifest. Therefore, if you hang the bell at the front door or main foyer, it also protects the space by eliminating negative energy and inviting positive energy instead.

In addition, it is also important to hang it at a height that will allow its sound to travel throughout your home, as this will help spread positive energy throughout your living space. Finally, to improve it, you should also hang in an area with good air circulation, as this will help disperse the positive energy even more quickly.

Why You Should Hang The Bell On Door?

Doors are gateways for energy to enter and leave our homes. By hanging bells on the outside doorknobs, it is possible to take advantage of the positive energies associated with sound. The ringing sound created by the bells will fill your home with good purifying energies, activating yang energies in the process. This simple gesture can be a powerful way to invite positive vibes into your home.

Therefore, you can hang 3 Feng Shui emperor coins on the inside door knob to symbolise that good fortune has already entered your home or accumulated. In addition, the bells are sometimes tied with a mystic knot to boost their positive effect further.

Feng Shui Bells and Five Yellow Affliction

Incorporating moving metal such as bells into your Feng Shui practice can help to drain the energy of the annual flying star #5 (Five Yellow), which is a source of misfortune and bad luck.

In summary, it creates a positive vibe in our environment and improves our well-being, so choose one Feng Shui bell that you love and place it at home.



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