Dragon Turtle Feng Shui Tips For Good Luck (Best Placement)

The dragon turtle is one of the most famous Feng Shui wealth cures and enhancers for homes or offices. This Feng Shui symbol embodies a Dragon’s head, and the Tortoise’s body signifies support from noble people, good health, longevity and bringing harmony to homes.

The dragon and the turtle are both powerful symbols in Chinese culture. First, the dragon symbolises strength, power and good fortune. On the other hand, the turtle symbolises long life, wisdom and stability. Together they form an ideal feng shui symbol for success in any endeavour.

In ancient times, people placed the dragon turtle symbol in the palace to represent the country’s peace and stability and the emperor’s longevity.

However, in the modern era, you can find many patterns and designs of the dragon turtle, each with a specific meaning. So if you are planning to buy one, always get the pattern that suits your intention.

What Does Each Type of Dragon Turtle Feng Shui Symbol Represent?

The dragon turtle symbol has many patterns and designs. Each pattern has its meaning.

1. Sitting on a Bed of Coins and Gold Ingots

Many always portray the dragon turtle symbol as an ancient and powerful being that guards hidden treasures. So if you have a dragon turtle symbol sitting on gold ingots and coins, it can represent wealth, prosperity, and good fortune.

2. Baby Turtles Sitting on Its Shell

If you want excellent descendant luck and enjoy having obedient/filial children, leading to a harmonious family, this design is a perfect choice.

3. Wear as Jewellery Accessories For Protection

The dragon turtle is a mythical creature that is said to be able to protect its owner from all forms of danger. In some parts of Asia, many believe that you will always be safe if you wear this symbol for protection from evil.

4. Carrying a Wen Chang Pagoda on Its Back

In Feng Shui, many practitioners use the pagoda, the education tower, to guard against negativity and enhance education luck. So if you want to bring good luck to academic success, get a turtle dragon with a pagoda on its back,

dragon turtle symbol


Where to Place The Dragon Turtle Symbol For Good Feng Shui?

1. You can place the Dragon Turtle in the east sector of your house to enhance good health and longevity luck for the family. Alternatively, putting the symbol facing the main door can bless you with safe journeys and protection against accidents and injuries.

2. Dragon Turtle can also be applied to dissolve three killings which bring robbery, lawsuits and disharmony.

3. Display this symbol in the Southeast sector of your home or office because it helps to enhance your wealth and prosperity luck.

4. It is said to help to increase your career luck when you place this Dragon turtle on your office work desk as you will be able to attain your superior support and assistance in career progression.

In addition, you can also use this lucky symbol to prevent all types of adverse effects, such as backstabbing and betrayal.

Do’s and Don’ts On Using Dragon Turtle Symbol

1. Avoid putting the symbol in a position where the head is facing towards your bed or sofa.

2. Do not allow strangers or visitors to touch this celestial animal, but it is acceptable for the family member.

3. Don’t position the dragon turtle in an upside-down position.

4. If you use it as a wealth enhancer, it should be facing the windows or the door.

5, There is a zodiac clash for those who belong to the dog Zodiac, so it is advisable not to place or wear dragon turtle.



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