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8 Effective Tips For Use of Crystals – Things To Watch Out and Take Care

Uses of crystals is popular in Feng Shui, as they are believed to improve the energy of a living or working space. Besides that, it is also known to improve an individual physical and mental well-beings by wearing them as a jewellery and accessories. Do you know what to watch out for in the use of crystals?

1. No Reused Crystals Please

Similar to getting a wallet, avoid buying second hand used crystals because you don’t know if there is any bad energy attached to it. It will be worse if it is a stolen crystal because there is zero affinity, so it will not provide any good effects.

2. No third Party

When wearing a crystal as a fashion jewelry, it is best to avoid being touched by other people.

3. Choose the best suited one

Use your own intuition to choose the crystal that is best for you. If you are buying it for friends, visualise their appearance in your mind and the suitable crystal will appear before you.

use of crystal correctly


4. Do not place it in the wrong position

Do not place the crystals on top of electronic devices like television, sound bars, computers, etc unless you are using them to absorb the radiation. In the long period, colour will fade and the effect will be largely reduced.

5. Choose what you need

Choose the crystal based on the intention you want, for example, if you are looking to improve romance luck, rose quartz is preferred, for protection, tiger’s eye or black obsidian is suitable, etc.

6. Personalised with your Bazi birth element 

Everyone has a predominant and lacking energy element in our birth chart, so by interpreting the chart, we can know that. Crystal has been widely used to customise to create a balanced energy.

7. Don’t overdo it

Do not wear too many crystals on your hand or body because the energy might be too strong for you. There are a few symptoms if something does not feel right. You might feel tired and uncomfortable. You might also get easily irritated even by the trivial thing and snapped at your loved ones. It is always good to wear a few but do not overdo it.

8. Proper Maintenance of Crystals

Regardless if you are using the stone as an accessory or Feng Shui cure, it is best to cleanse it from time to time to restore effectiveness.

In conclusion, crystals work well with the right intentions and when it is being properly taken care.




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Crystals8 Effective Tips For Use of Crystals – Things To Watch Out and Take Care