8 MUST SEE Feng Shui Taboos For Your Home Entrance

In the Feng Shui world, we have a very important factor in our house that we must take care of which is <玄关> (it means the entrance of the house). This is because the entrance play an significant role which determine the household luck. If you have a good Feng Shui at the entrance, you will be receiving good luck and vice versa, you will receive bad luck, so you must pay extra attention. In this article, we will unveil the taboos that you must avoid to have good Feng Shui and of course good luck rolling in.

1. Immediately seeing a staircase at the entrance

If you are facing this situation, it will cause your overall luck to decline. In additional, if you can see your toilet immediately from the entrance, it indicate poor health.

Tip: You can place a living plant in this place to eliminate the negative energy.

2. Obstructions at the entrance of your house

If you see a big obstruction like lamp post,  big tree or any other obstacles upon going out of your entrance, your house has committed <形煞> that create negative energy that rush into your house, causing a bad environment.

Tip: Similarly, you can place a living plant in this place to minimize the negative energy that is rushing in.

3. Entrance facing directly at the windows

Upon entering the house, if you immediately face the windows, it indicate that energy that is brought in can be easily flow out of the windows. In summary, it means that energy and luck cannot be gathered.

Tip: Place a divider or tall living plant to block the energy from flowing out.

4. House Number Sign must be clean and polished

Keep your house number sign polished because it symbolized the facade of your home. If it is dirty, it might attract slander, gossip or negative feedback of the occupants.

Tip: Cultivate the habit of cleaning and polishing the sign periodically

5. Keep the entrance free of clutter

A lot of people like to place things, like golf bag and others at their entrance for the sake of  convenience. But always remember to keep your entrance uncluttered. In additional, you should always throw away any postage boxes or garbage that is blocking at the entrance.

6. Do not fill your entrance with toys

Placing too many dolls and toys at your house entrance is a big taboo because it will suck away your good luck. Alternatively, you can remove the toys and replace them with auspicious mascot, for example Fu (Prosperity), Lu (Status), Shou 福禄寿 and many others.

7. Ensure the lighting is working at the entrance

From the perspective of good Feng Shui,  we should have a broad, bright and clean entrance porch to attract good fortune to our house. Ensure that the lighting at the entrance are bright and working, always replace any faulty lightings or equipments in your house.

8. Get rid of unused or dirty shoes

Shoe cabinet is a gathering place for odor and air does not flow well there. Always take the effort to clear off shoes that you have not used for more than 2 years (most likely you will not need it anymore) and also clean the interior and paint of the cabinet too.

Now, take a look at your entrance and see if you have committed any of the taboos mentioned above.




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