9 Lemons In A Bowl

How To Use 9 Lemons In A Bowl For Good Luck and Uplift Your Mood?

We always associate specific fruits with auspicious symbolism and meanings in Chinese culture and tradition. The most popular one is the mandarin orange which stands for good fortune, a peach symbolising longevity, the banana that sounds like attracting good luck (remember not to use it as offerings during hungry ghost month), and many other fruit symbolism.

But have you heard about 9 lemons in a bowl? Besides being one of the healthiest fruits in the world, it also brings positive energy to your space.
So let’s explore this further.

nine lemons in a bowl


Why Must We Use Nine Lemons In a Bowl?

The number 9 has an auspicious meaning of wealth and abundance, success and attainment of goals. In addition, it symbolizes wholeness and completeness, so we usually display it in family areas.

The Chinese also consider 9 an auspicious number often associated with a long and everlasting love.

While nine is the most common number used, you can also use other numbers like 1, 4, 6 or 8.

Where Do I Place This Combination For Good Luck and Boost Positivity?

– If you want to make the space stylish and bring you good luck, you can place the bowl in your dining room. It also helps to clear out any surrounding negativity.

– You can place it in the centre of your house or kitchen for health luck.

– Since lemons can help neutralize negative energy, it is good to place them at a location with visitors. It can be a living hall, entryway, or storefront. This configuration might help remove any underlying negativity from people you don’t know well. Besides that, it can also provide the space with a pleasant and refreshing scent.

Whether these 9 lemons in a bowl have any Feng Shui benefit or not, it still gives a pleasing look that adds some colours to the house decor.




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