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19 Popular Feng Shui Products With Their Meaning and Significance

If you have been researching around, there are mixed opinions or differentiated expert views on Feng Shui products. Some claim it to be a magic charm, while some avoid it as plague. This matter has no right or wrong because it still depends on individual preference and belief. You must be comfortable with it because it also works as physiological healing to ease your mind.

Today, we will cover a comprehensive list of Feng Shui products and their symbolism. If you need help with the use and placement, approach your trusted Feng Shui expert for advice.

Feng Shui Animals (Including Mystical Creatures)

It is prevalent to see Feng Shui products depicted as animals or mystical creatures. Many believe these lucky symbols can help you improve a specific aspect of life by using specified animals. In some practices where zodiac sign is involved, that is a saying that you should not use a clashing zodiac. For example, if you belong to the dog zodiac, it is not advisable to use the dragon symbol.

You can refer to this zodiac compatibility chart for your reference.

1. Dragon

The Dragon is one of 4 celestial animals and is ranked as the most powerful symbol of Yang energy. You can use the Feng Shui dragon as an auspicious symbol to enhance authoritative power, nobility, success, divine protection and wealth, attracting plentiful opportunities.

In addition, many people use this symbol to attract wealth and prosperity. The best placement is near a water fountain or in the East sector of the house.

2. Turtle/Tortoise

Like the dragon, the Turtle or Tortoise is one of the four celestial guardians. In Feng Shui, this auspicious animal represents longevity, protection and good health.

Besides an enhancer, you can also use an enhancer as a Feng Shui cure to mitigate negative energy from the external environment. It is usually positioned near the main door or balcony facing the pointed edge of the neighbouring structures or buildings. Besides that, it can also be placed at the back of the house as a support and increase descendent luck.

3. Imperial Lions / Foo Dogs

Fu Dogs is a lion statue traditionally placed at the entrance of Chinese imperial palaces, imperial tombs, temples, etc. In ancient times, they are symbols of family wealth and social status. These majestic lions were usually in front of affluent homes, guarding the household.

Nowadays, you will see them, usually in a pair, outside commercial buildings or shops as protection. Therefore, they are not suitable to be placed inside the house.

4. Birds

Many bird symbols have auspicious meanings, and the most popular one is undoubtedly the Phoenix. You can usually see it coupled together with the Dragon symbolising blissful marriage.

Besides that, Mandarin duck (Yuan Yang) is also one of the most welcomed Feng shui products, which many believe can enhance romance luck and attract your other half into your life.

Another widely seen bird symbol is the rooster that “peck away” backstabbers, 3rd party affair or betrayal, bring harmony and help advance your career.

5. Chi Lin (Kylin)

Chi Lin, also known as the Chinese unicorn, is depicted to have the head of a dragon, carp fish’s scale and deer hooves. They usually come as a pair, a male and a female. Some practitioners also use this enhancer to improve wealth and career luck.

For those into flying star Feng Shui, you can also use a pair of Chi Lin to cure the afflicted sector of the three killings.

6. Horse

Feng Shui Horse is a good luck symbol widely known to bring fame, recognition and success in a career. You can place these horses in your wealth corner to help accumulate your money luck. Ensure that the head of the horses is faced inwards, symbolizing the inflow of wealth into the household instead of leaking out.

However, the horse symbol might only be suitable for some. For example, those born in the year of the rat should not be using horse figurines because of a conflict in their zodiac animal birth sign.

7. Three Legged Toad/Frog

The three-legged wealth or money toad (金蟾) is one of the most potent and popular Feng Shui symbols for wealth luck. It is best to be positioned at your wealth corner facing inwards, especially with a coin in the mouth. It symbolises attracting wealth into your house. So, don’t place it on the floor or in the bathroom.

8. Elephants

In many Asian countries or cultures, an elephant is considered one of the most auspicious sacred symbols you can place in your home to attract good fortune, luck, fertility, longevity, wisdom, strength, success and many more.

A pair of Pixiu symbolising attracting and accumulating wealth


9. Pixiu / Tian Lu

This celestial animal is a mythical beast in Chinese mythology, embodied with a dragon head, horse’s body and Chi Lin’s feet, similar to a lion. Besides that, it has a beard under its chin and wings on both sides with flying abilities.

People believed it could draw wealth from all directions, and it had no anus. This feature signifies that it only allows money to roll in and prevents them from flowing out. So Pixiu is well known for accumulating wealth in households and businesses.

10. Fishes

If you are fish lovers, you will be delighted by the wide variety of auspicious fish symbols. They are Arowana, also known as the dragon fish, koi or goldfish that are well known for attracting wealth luck.

Feng Shui Ornaments and Artefacts

11. Ba Gua Mirror

Many people usually install a Bagua mirror to mitigate any negative energy from external structures. Some practitioners will typically advise this remedy when your main door faces the neighbour’s door directly.

However, we strongly advise against this method because it might cause even more arguments or quarrels. In addition, you must also ensure to choose the correct type of Bagua mirror for the proper purpose because there are concave, convex and straight ones.

12. Calabash Gourd, also Known as Wu Lou

Wu Lou is one of the most popular and effective cures to mitigate negative energy and improve health. You can use the brass Wu Lou (metal element) to counter the flying star #2 (illness) and star #5 (misfortunate) that belong to the earth elements.

Besides that, some believe in placing a Wu Lou to counter the situation if you have a room within a bedroom to subdue the 3rd party.

13. Chinese Coins (Designed in 3, 5, 6, 10 Coins Tied in a Red string)

The Chinese Feng Shui coin is the most widely used cure, and the most commonly used design is the five emperor coins that represent the five most influential and powerful emperors. They are Sun Zhi, Kang Xi, Yong Zhen, Qian Long and Jia Qing.

These coins are used as Feng Shui cures to remedy situations that faced Sha Qi and enhancers to magnify your wealth luck. For example, you can place a three emperor coin inside your wallet/purse. Furthermore, these coins have many uses, so consult an expert for your unique and specific scenario.

14. Ru Yi Scepter 

Ru Yi is a decorative ornament representing authority, power, and good fortune. In Feng Shui, Ru Yi scepter can assist people in gaining authority in their careers and business.

Therefore, it is more suitable to be displayed in the office instead of at home. However, some parents placed it on the children’s study desks because it is said to help in academic success.

15. Wind Chimes

Feng Shui is all about energy flow. Wind chimes create sounds that generate a positive energy flow and speed up good Chi movement. They can also help minimize negative energy flow by eliminating the harsh noise in the environment.

16. Water Fountains

Water fountains or features are frequently used in Feng Shui applications to bring money and energy into homes and offices. Placing it in the right place can yield a desirable result, while a wrong one can also negatively impact it.

If you want to place it at home, remember to place it in the correct position. Otherwise, avoid placing one.

Applying wind chimes in your house encourage positive energy flow with the emitted sound


Objects from the Nature

17. Natural Plants

You can bring plants with auspicious meaning into your home or office to enhance the energy and balance the elements of the space. The most popular plants are the money plant and the lucky bamboo.

In addition, you can also use tall and leafy plants to mitigate Feng Shui challenges such as wall corners, etc.

18. Flowers

Besides having plants in our living space, a flower is another good choice. It does not only beautify your house but can also improve the Feng Shui. However, remember to use the correct shape, colour and symbolism for the different sectors based on your intention.

19. Natural Crystals and Stones

Crystals have been trending in Western countries for mediation. The trend has also been picking up in Chinese society in recent years. One of the most popular crystals is citrine, which is said to attract wealth luck (who don’t love more money).

On the other hand, for those seeking a love relationship, you can use a rose quartz crystal to enhance romance luck.

You might be overwhelmed by this exhaustive list of Feng Shui products. Most importantly, you must love having these items in your space before getting them to your house.

However, avoid over-clutter, which can also disrupt the energy flow. Having balance is the key to harnessing good Feng Shui energy.



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