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8 Things You Should Know To Safeguard Your Rice Urn in Feng Shui Way

In Chinese tradition, rice has always been a symbolic representation of wealth and good health in a home. Therefore, you need to take extra precautions to guard this symbol of wealth by choosing a suitable rice urn.

Nowadays, you can find various containers used for rice grain storage purposes. But do you know the guidelines to get a suitable rice urn for good Feng Shui?

1. Choose the Correct Material Used

Regardless of the pattern or design of the urn, choose those rice urns made of porcelain or ceramic which can tap into the Earth element.

Avoid using plastic that belongs to the fire element. It symbolizes burning your wealth treasury. Remember to remove the plastic bag and pour the rice into the urn directly instead of putting everything inside the container.

2. Have a Lid and Keep it On

Since rice represents our wealth, we should get a rice urn with a lid. It symbolizes hiding our money from intruders or robbery. It also helps to keep pests and moisture away, so always remember to keep the urn’s lid cover on unless you are using it.

3. Always Have The Habit of Keeping The Rice Urn Filled

It is deemed as an inauspicious sign to leave your rice container empty. That means you are running out of wealth and luck and showing signs of poverty. So instead, keep it filled that symbolizes abundance and prosperity.

4. Proper Maintenance and Replace Spoilt Ones

Rice symbolises abundance and sustenance, and a rice urn represents a container for wealth. If the rice urn is damaged, you may interpret it as representing financial instability or loss. Therefore, change to a new one if your rice urn has large cracks or holes. You also want to avoid leakage in your wealth.

5. Correct Placement Does Matter

Like the fridge, the rice urn also represents the treasure chest of the household. Therefore, it should be best to avoid placement exposed to the outside world.

For example, if you can see the rice urn from the outside of your kitchen, it symbolizes the leakage of wealth. Therefore, it is best to store it in a closed cabinet that provides convenience for you to access every day.

Above illustrated a porceleain rice urn with a lid on and decorate with auspicious wording


6. Decorate With an Auspicious Symbol or Wordings

Always buy rice urns engraved with auspicious symbols or decorative images with a positive meaning. Some examples are double happiness, bountiful harvest, and more.

7. Enhance it with Chinese Coin

Some Feng Shui masters will advise placing a red packet filled with real money or three emperor coin at the inner bottom of the urn. You can try it!

8. Keep The Rice Container Spick and Span

Always keep the surroundings where you keep them clean and decluttered.

I hope you learn something to create good Feng Shui for your rice urn.



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