Feng Shui Tips for Centre of Your House – It Is Not What You Think

According to the Feng Shui principles, the center of the house represents the heart of the home. This area plays a significant role because any situation in this sector affects all members of the household. Let’s look at some Feng Shui tips to enhance the positive energy in the centre of the house.

Do’s and Don’ts For The Centre of The House

1. It is best to avoid having any staircase at the center of a home . This is because this layout symbolises a heavy burden at the heart that makes your life unstable.

If you are facing such situation, you can hang a faceted crystal in this space to slow down the energy flow.

2. Do not buy a house with the toilet in the centre of the house. It can negatively affect your wealth, luck and also health condition.

To resolve such situation, you can place a money plant (Devil’s ivy) in the bathroom with a spotlight shining onto it.

toilet centre of house


3. It is ideal to keep this area open, airy and clean to allow Chi to circulate. If there is anything that is obstructing the way, remove it immediately.

Avoid placing your trash bin or pet’s home in this area, because the foul smell can travel to all corners of the house easily.

4. You can choose to display artwork in the centre of the house but always choose those paintings with positive and auspicious meaning.

5. It is good to avoid having the kitchen in the centre as this area is filled with fire because it symbolizes “fire attacking the heart”. It will cause the health of household members to deteriorate and also affect the luck.

Besides that, if the kitchen is in the centre of the house, the grease, smoke and cooking smell can easily flow to every corner of the house. How do you feel?

6. It is good to keep this area as bright as possible with the natural light. If not, you can consider placing a Himalayan salt lamp or any other lighting to brighten up the area.

7. Do not place big plants in the centre because the wood element (plant) clashes with Earth element. The centre of the house belongs to Earth element.




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