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4 Little-Known Bed Feng Shui Tips For Better Sleep and Health

In Feng Shui, the bedroom is one of the 3 most important space, and requires paying extra attention to the condition in the space. The bed is most likely the largest furniture in this room, so it plays a significant role in bringing good energy.

Beds are influential on your sleep because they share your chi energy field. The sleep quality will have either a positive or negative impact on your health condition in long term. It is essential for a person to get about 6 hours of deep and uninterrupted sleep each night. This is to allow your body to repair and rejuvenate property.

In our other articles, we have covered the optimal bed placement , but today we share on how to Feng Shui the bed itself.

1. Bed Frame Matters

The material of the frame plays a part in providing you a good night’s sleep. Solid wood is the most preferred material because it does not interrupt the local magnetic field in the space. Besides that, wood is also softer than metal that produces a more calming feel. Metal sometimes also gives off squeaking sound even with the slightest movement on the bed.

In additional, it is advisable to get a bed frame that comes with a solid headboard. It resembles a mountain that gives you support and provides you with a sense of security.

bed feng shui tips


2. Appropriate Bed and Room Size Proportion

The height and size of the bed should be proportional to the space. Do not have a jumbo bed in a tiny room. It affects not only the energy flow but it also gives you inconvenience while maneuvering around.

3. Choice of Mattress Matters

It is advisable to select mattress that are made from soft and natural materials, like cotton, wool or hair. This help you relax better than compared to synthetic material that might carry a static charge.

Always get a mattress that comes in a complete piece. Some bigger sized bed come with 2 separated box that split the bed. It also symbolises divided relationships, and you might not feel comfortable with a separation line in the center.

4. Invest in Good Quality Bedding

Choose bedding that is made of pure cotton because such material is breathable that promote energy flow.




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