Faceted Crystals Feng Shui Use and Placement

Faceted crystals sphere is one of the most commonly used Feng Shui cure/enhancers to disperse the negative energy / killing energy. Beside that, it can also be used to activate and enhance the energy of any sectors in your home or office.

Apart from that, it is also a nice home decor which is usually hang in a window to catch the sunlight and forming a beautiful rainbow to project and lift up the energy in a room with positive vibes.

Faceted Crystal Placement

1. Migitate poison arrows / bad energy

Faceted crystal is popularly used by Feng Shui practitioner to neutralize the sha qi created by sharp corner pointing to your working desk / bed / main door / windows / beams / pillars, either from internal or external enviroment.

2. Calm Flying Star affliction quarrelsome #03  

This star bring along negative energy that tend to create disputes or misunderstanding caused by rumours, unstable emotion, therefore it will lead to disharmony in the family, so adding a red crystal will help to nurture peace and harmony. In 2019, the quarelsome star #03 is in the South sector.


3. Delay fast gushing Chi

In the scenerio that you have a long corridor or staircase (normally too near to the main door) that is facing the door, the energy flow is too fast, causing imbalance, so placing a faceted crystal between these 2 areas help to disperse the energy to other areas.

4. Cure for Quarrelsome Doors

If you have doors facing each other directly in a straight line (For example, bedroom door facing kitchen – it will cause the person staying in the room to be easily hot-tempered), you may hang a faceted crystal ball to cure this situation.

5. Improve concentration in studies

You can either hang or place a faceted crystal at your study room that can help you to focus and improving your scholastic capability.

6. Hang it in your car

Hanging a faceted crystal ball in your car helps to disperse negative energy that is exerted from the external surrounding environment. This will help to clear the energy and enhance travel luck to minimize accident.

After you have purchased the crystal, it is advisable to wash your crystal thoroughly and let it sit in the sunlight for at least 4 hours before using. This procedure will disperse or remove the energy of the previous owner and re-charge it with the bright and positive sun energy, so are you ready to use this faceted crystal to enhance the space you want?



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