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Ba Gua Mirror – An Aspirin To Overcome Feng Shui Challenges

In most practices, some practitioners use Feng Shui mirrors to improve the Feng Shui of your house or your business. The mirrors emit the Feng Shui energy of water. A function of Ba Gua mirror is to draw the beneficial flow of energy (Qi) into the place it is positioned.

Generally, these mirrors can be used to expand the space of an area, to reflect and deflect the Qi of an area. 

When used in the appropriate manner, the Feng Shui mirrors will improve the flow of Qi in that area. However you should take extra caution too because improper placement of Ba Gua mirror might cause things to worsen.

ba gua mirror - what is that


3 types of uses of the Feng Shui Ba Gua mirror

1. Expansion

In this case, the use of a mirror is to create virtual space to adjust your focal view of an area. In the study of Feng Shui, the mirror provides us with a new in-depth view of ourselves as it opens up a virtual view on an otherwise plain surface. The mirror can also create a virtual view of an area, and can “expand” the space of the area.

In Feng Shui, a small space represents limitation. Small spaces will limit the flow of Qi in the area, eventually limiting our movement and advancement in life. Thereby, a mirror is often used to virtually expand a small space.

2. Reflection

When a Feng Shui mirror reflects an object, it does not only reflect the image of the object, but also the energy the object is emitting. Thereby, it doubles the effect of the energy the object is emitting. For example, if the mirror shows the reflection of a pile of unpaid bills, it will mean that in time to come, there will be more unpaid bills piling up, increasing your debts. On the other hand, if the reflection shows a reflection of a kitchen stove, it symbolizes that your wealth will be doubled as fire stoves symbolize wealth. You can also put reflection of fruits and food which mean an abundance of food, you will never go hungry.

3. Deflection

Feng Shui mirrors can be used to deflect the negative energy (Sha Qi) away from your house or business. The mechanism behind this is that it will deflect the Sha Qi back to its source, preventing it from entering the house. Bagua mirrors are used to deflect Sha Qi.

If your intention is to deflect Sha Qi, the Bagua mirror should be placed outside your house.

How to Place the Ba Gua Mirror in the Feng Shui Friendly Way?

  1. Always place the mirror facing outside of your house towards the exterior Sha Qi affecting you.
  2. NEVER place the mirror facing your neighbour, because you also don’t want the bad energies to be reflected towards them. Some Feng Shui master advice that, but we don’t.
  3. Do not place the Ba Gua mirror facing the interior of the house.

With proper usage, Feng Shui mirrors can improve the flow of Qi, allowing you to enjoy a better quality of life. Now that we know the uses of the Feng Shui and Bagua mirror, you can make use of these mirrors to ward off bad luck and improve the quality of your life.

Hope this article help you have a better understanding of what actually a Ba Gua mirror is.




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