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Fruit Symbolism Meaning List For Prayer Offerings

Do you know that there is a fruit symbolism meaning to your prayer offering during events? You might get into trouble if you offer the wrong fruits to the wrong party. Find out more now

FruitsSymbolic Meaning
Apple 苹果It symbolize peace and harmony because it sound like 平安 in chinese. It is also considered because of its red color that has the meaning of auspicious.
Mandarin OrangeIt is considered a prayer or wish for good fortune, making it the most common food offering.
BananaIn Cantonese, it has the same sound of "招" which means attract. So it is to avoid using banana for prayer during Qing Ming or Hungry Ghost festival, in order not to welcome the uninvited.
MelonsThey symbolise family unity and wishing the family will be like the moon, stay complete and united.
PineappleIn Hokkien, it sound close to the sound of “good fortune coming your way”, so the pineapple has become a hot traditional feng shui symbol of wealth and good fortune. When moving house, it is one of the essential fruits to be prepared. Check out here what are the other fruits need when moving house
PeachesIt symbolise longevity
PomeloThe Chinese for pomelo ‘youzi’ sounds like having a son, and hence people use it to pray for sons.
PomegranatesIt is a fruit full of seeds that symbolises fertility. Because of the hundred of seeds, it has a significant symbolising meaning of many children

Now you know the symbolic meanings for each fruits that are offered so that you will not use the wrong type. When you are worshipping, the number of fruits should be in odd number (symbolize Yang Energy) which is 1, 3 or 5.




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