How to Use Rose Quartz

How to Use Rose Quartz Crystal in Feng Shui?

Every crystals has their own meaning and specified uses in the area of Feng Shui, beside the most popular purple amethyst, the pink crystal is one of the hottest favourite too. In general, Rose quartz is commonly used to improve marriage luck and love luck to attract the other half into your life.

Do you know how to use rose quartz crystal to enhance the energy in your space?


How to use Rose Quartz Crystal in Feng Shui?

1. This love magnet can be positioned in southwest sector of the house that represent love, marriage and relationships in the Ba Gua map to enhance love luck.

2. Bring along this stone, usually in heart shape in your purse/bag to encourage your love relationship luck.

3. Keep the stone of love close to you by wearing a rose quartz bracelet, ring, pendant or any other accessories/decor to invite the positive vibe.

4. Rose quartz, usually in a pair, not more than 2 is recommended to be placed in the bedroom at the bedside table because it give a gentle and loving energy for one to recharge and relax. Beside that, it is also believed to improve sleep quality.

5. If you believe in Kua Number, you can considered placing a pair of heart-shaped pink crystal in your personal Nien Yen (Love & Romance) direction to enhance your love luck.

Now you know how to use Rose Quartz, it is time to manifest your romance luck and be the magnet of love with the law of attraction and crystal energy.




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CrystalsHow to Use Rose Quartz Crystal in Feng Shui?