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9 Must See Kitchen Feng Shui Rules for Stove Placement

Placing a stove at a suitable position in your kitchen is one of the most important aspects for a good home Feng Shui, so take some time to read on..

1. The stove should not face directly towards the kitchen door as it is believed to bring bad luck and disharmony to the family.

2. The stove should have a back support by leaning against the wall rather than the open space. Hmm, how about stove on an island which is an open concept kitchen?

3. The stove should not be positioned in the center of the house, because the center represent the heart and kitchen belongs to the fire element, so it might cause health issue in your heart.

4. The stove should not face directly to any bedroom as it might cause health issue and the affected member will also tend to have fiery bad temper.

5. If you have a Buddha statue in the house, avoid placing your stove facing it because it signify disrespect and will will bring bad fortune to the family.

6. Avoid having a beam above the stove as it might have a negative impact on the female owner’s health.

7.If there is a mirror in your kitchen, ensure that it does not face or reflect the stove.

8. Do not have 2 or more stoves in the kitchen, because it represent 3rd party interference.

9. Avoid positioning your stove leaning against a window.

Avoid the above kitchen Feng Shui rules in placement will help you attract positive vibes in your life. 





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