Amethyst Crystal Tree Feng Shui Use and Placement

Crystals has been long believed to have healing energies and many people usually use them as a focus object for meditation that make them calm.

Amethyst crystal tree comprises the powerful and protective stone with the healing properties of calming one’s mind and is also considered a good luck symbol of wealth. Beside that, this gem help in insomnia and also enhance memory. It also has the healing properties of removing anger and anxiety.

Under-mentioned are the placement that is believed to bring and enhance specified luck into your life.


Amethyst Crystal Tree Placement for Good Luck

1. On your work or study desk – it enhance memory and also help you to focus with attention

2. If you are still studying, you can place it in the northeast sector of your bedroom to increase scholastic luck and success in academic advancement

3. Amethyst crystal tree can be placed in the southwest corner of your bedroom to enhance love relationship and

4. Based on Feng Shui Bagua map, the northwest sector represent the nobleman so for this reason, Displaying an amethyst crystal tree in this sector is said to help you gain support from influential people in your career or business.

5. You can place one at your home’s wealth corner or at the main foyer to attract wealth luck, especially with a citrine crystal money tree.



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