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Basement Feng Shui – What You Should Know if You Live in One

Does living in a basement apartment sound cool to you? Do you know that Basement apartment has a relatively bad reputation in Feng Shui?  It might be a good place to house your guest, storage area or multi purpose room, but not recommended for living purposes.

Most practitioners will advice to shy away from choosing such living space. It is believed to negatively affect the occupant psychology and emotionally over an extended period of stay.

But what if you are already staying in one? Here are some tips to overcome the challenges and minimise the undesirable impact.

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Feng Shui Tips To Bring Good Energy into Your Basement

1. Bring in as much lighting as you can

Most basement apartments have no windows or small ones, creating a dark and cramped space. It will create yin energy that is harmful to humans, so always try to balance it with Yang elements.

If the natural lighting is out of the questions, use lamps or Himalayan lamps to compensate for the lack of lighting.

2. Choose the right choice of color

Avoid dark color and brighten your basement room with light-colored walls. It will give a more spacious and open feel so that you will not feel depressed and blocke.

3. Bring in natural green lushes

Living in a basement can bring the occupant a dark and cold feeling that can affect the mental well being. Introduce plants into this space can help to bring in more vibrant Qi to improve the situation. Lucky bamboo is one of the choices that can survive with minimal light.

4. Regular space clearing and cleansing

The basement is an area that we must take extra effort. We should clear the old and stagnant energy on a regular basis with some of the space cleansing methods, like smudging, etc.

5. Decluttering and Organization is the key

To encourage good Feng Shui, get organized now, and clear all clutter from the basement. It helps to remove any stagnant energy from the space to welcome the positive ones.

6. Improve the air quality and add fragrance

Bring in air freshener, humidifier or Essenes oil into the basement can help to improve the air quality

Applying these Feng Shui tips to address the challenges and make your basement a pleasant place to stay.




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