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Feng Shui Bell and Benefits You Should Know

Feng Shui bell has always been employed as part of spiritual and religious practice in many cultures, especially in the Chinese, where you often see Taoist priest use it for conducting ceremonies.

But in Feng Shui, bells are best known to activate favourable positive energy or Sheng Chi to attract good fortune into your home or office. It can also be served as a sound therapy as the gentle and soothing sounds can correct the negative effects of any harsh noise and keep our surrounding energy balanced.

Beside this, it also has healing and calming effects to release blockage in our bodies and minds, being a sense of serenity and helping you feel at ease and peaceful.

Where should we place the Feng Shui bell?

The best location is the front entrance door of the home which is also known as the mouth of Qi, the gateway for positive energy flow and opportunities to manifest. If hang at the front door or main foyer, it also act as a form of protection by eliminating negative energy and invite positive energy instead.

Morever, you can apply this cure by hanging the bell at the door knob outside the door, so it symbolise ring of prosperity each time the door is opened. You can also hang 3 Feng Shui emperor coins on the inside door knob to symbolise that good fortune has already entered your home or store. To further boost their positive effect, the bells are sometimes tied with mystic knot.
In summary, it does not only create a positive vibe in our environment, it also improve our well being, so choose one Feng Shui bell that you love and place it at home.




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