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Peacock and Its Feather – Do They Bring Good Or Bad Feng Shui? 

Peacock has gained a good reputation for its beauty and gracefulness in Feng Shui. Many people regard this bird as the earthly manifestation of the celestial Phoenix that signifies dignified status.

Its captivating colour and the “thousand eyes” on the tail make the peacock an auspicious symbol closely associated with fame and a good reputation.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Peacock?

The peacock symbolises beauty, renewal and eternal life in many cultures. Many people have long associated peacocks with spiritual growth, enlightenment, good luck, and prosperity. Peacocks have been used to represent the soul’s journey towards understanding the mysteries of life and as a reminder to remain humble and graceful in the face of adversity.

Some traditions believe that peacocks are the messengers of the divine. As such, they can see them as symbols of hope and guidance on our spiritual paths.

Use and Placement of Peacock Symbol For Good Feng Shui

We all love to decorate our homes with beautiful ornaments, wall paintings, crystals, etc. So why not try displaying a peacock symbol to attract good luck?

1. Display Peacock Symbol in Living Hall

Unlike those painting with ferocious animals that denote aggressive energy, you can display a peacock image in the living hall. It represents family harmony and peace. However, it would be best if you placed the painting facing inwards into the house and not facing it outwards.

2. Place In Your Working Space

You can place the peacock or Phoenix at the south corner of the work desk or office. It helps to magnify the potential for career success and build a positive reputation. With that, it will eventually bring more opportunities to you.

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Apart from the peacock symbols in paintings and figurines, some Feng Shui experts also recommend having the feathers in the house for good luck and protection.

Peacock Feather Symbolism and Placement

Many people closely associate the peacock feather as an auspicious lucky charm that brings good luck and protection to the beholder. In addition, the Chinese have tagged much positive symbolism to this bird: beauty, eternal love, peace and royalty.

For parents concerned about their children’s academic studies, you can place the feather in their books or on their study table.

You can also hang these feathers in the car to signify protection and a safe journey.

Lastly, many believe that the feathers can ward off evil spirits, so bring them along when travelling overseas.

Other Belief About Peacock Feathers

Apart from the Feng Shui side of the story, you can also use peacock feathers to fend off reptiles such as lizards, snakes, etc., away from your living space. You can display 2 to 3 feathers at your main door to achieve the effect.



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