In order to pray for prosperity and safety, many people like to pray to Buddhist drawing or wear them as amulet on their neck, but you still need to take care of some Feng Shui Dos and Don’ts for it to be more effective.  Let us share with you some of the taboos.

7 Taboos in Taking Care of Buddhist Drawing and Amulet

1. Don’t treat the drawing or amulet like an antique and keep it in the safe, it will cause bad effect to the safety of the family.

2. The drawing must be not be placed inside your bedroom.

3. If you have old unwanted Buddhist drawing, , instead of just casually throwing it away, you should bring it to the temple and burn it, together with some incense paper.

4. If you have a Buddhist drawing or amulet in your car, it should be placed in a location that is facing the front.

5. It should not be kept in the drawers too.

6. Do not roll the Buddhist painting as it might cause headache.

7. If there is deface in the painting, it should be rectified as soon as possible, if not it might cause contraction of strange illness.

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