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Chi Lin Feng Shui Cure and Significance

How does Chi Lin comes about?

It is a legendary heavenly animal with a Dragon head that is said to release cosmic chi that can attract success, good fortune and long life. It is sometimes being known as the Dragon Horse or the Chinese unicorn because it has a horse body. With this powerful combination of these 2 auspicious animals, it hold an important significance in Feng Shui application that symbolize authority, courage, loyalty,high aspirations, well being and determination.

In additional, it has carp fish scales on its back that represent abundance and wealth luck.

To better use it as a Feng Shui enhancer for boasting the wealth and career luck, it is best to use the male and female as a pair.

How do you identify?

The one on the right hand side should have a globe ball (symbolize the world) under his feet that has the representation of conquering the world and extensive network. This is the male.

For the female, it is the left handed one that will either have an ingot or cub under her foot.


How do we use Chi Lin in Feng Shui practice?

1. Position a pair of Chi Lin at the door front on either sides if it is facing directly towards the lift, stairs or escalator to disperse the gushing bad chi. They can either be placed on the floor or raised to higher level.

2. Position three protective Chi Lin to be applied as a cure to mitigate the 3 Killings (namely the Year Sha, Robbery Sha and Disaster Sha) at the afflicted sectors in the annual flying star Feng Shui to minimize the hostile energy. In 2018, it will be at North, Northeast, Northwest and for 2019, position it at West, Northwest and Southwest. It also come in the form of wind chime so that you can hang it at the these 3 areas.

3. If you have a Chi Lin that come with treasures at its feet and coins in its mouth is said to have the ability to attract wealth. To use it for wealth, simply place it in your wealth area facing outwards.

4. You can place it in the study room to enhance your luck at work and also improve scholastic luck for your children in their studies.

If you want to place chi lin at home, try to place a small sized one instead of a huge size. 




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