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6 Effective Ways To Use Crystal For Good Feng Shui at Home or Office

Many people aim to improve their home or office Feng Shui by leveraging on the power of the crystals. Besides serving as a beautiful home decoration, crystals have been used for many purposes, such as protection, enhancement and resolution against unfavourable energy.

All stone has their own unique properties and can be used in specific Feng Shui situation, depending on your needs.

How to Use Crystals to Create Good Feng Shui?

1. Protect Your Space Against Evil and Negative Energy

Looking for crystals to act as a shield against negative vibes? Black tourmaline and black obsidian are definitely the top choice because of their protective properties. You can place them at the front door for the optimal effect to set a boundary of defence against negativity. It also helps to remove negative energies within a person or a living/working space.

2. Enhancing Home Feng Shui 

Placing a purple amethyst geode cave in the house brings beneficial changes to a house. Besides bringing positive vibe into the living space, it also accumulates wealth energies.

3. Improve Love and Marriage Relationship 

Rose quartz is well known as the love stone. You can place a rose quartz at the bedside table to boost your romance luck. It typically comes as a pair of mandarin ducks, crystal ball, heart shaped and many other patterns, so choose the one you love most.

Beside romance, rose quartz is also used to intensify affinity with customers, so they are usually found in the reception area of the business space.

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4. Resolve Afflicting Energies from External Forms or Structure 

It is important to look out for external Feng Shui factors before purchasing a new house because it is not under your control to change. But if you are already staying in a house with your front door facing a T-junction, house corner or lamppost, you can hang a faceted crystal ball to mitigate this unfavourable situation.

5. Minimise EMF from electronic devices 

You can place a clear quartz crystal by the tv, microwave oven, computer and others to reduce the impact of the radiation.

6. Boost wealth energies 

You can place the citrine crystal, also known as the stone of wealth at your wealth sector of your house to enhance your wealth luck.

If you are intending to use crystals to improve your home Feng Shui, it is best to cleanse the crystal before use. Crystal should also be maintained and cleansed regularly to recharge the energy.

In conclusion, crystals are used in Feng Shui to achieve the single goal. That is to create positive vibes in the home or office.




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Crystals6 Effective Ways To Use Crystal For Good Feng Shui at Home or Office