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8 Useful Feng Shui Office Tips For Success (Dos and Don’ts)

We are spending 8 hours (maybe more OT for some of us) which is already 1/3 of our daily life, so applying some Feng Shui office tips to increase productivity and career success will be helpful.

Working in a properly feng shui-ed office makes a huge difference, and you will enjoy coming to work instead of dragging your foot along daily.

But, most importantly, good office Feng Shui in your workspace helps you get recognition and increase your promotion opportunity, whilst the bad one will bring you backstabbing, gossip, politics and anything that can cause unhappiness.

Given the above situation, can you afford not to apply some tips to attract good Feng Shui?

Then, let’s read on for more information.

1. Backstabber Alert

It is inevitable to have people with bad intentions in most offices who backstab you to achieve their ultimate motive, so remember to watch your back. So it makes great sense when the Feng Shui guideline always reminds you to have good back support.

If the back of your seat is facing the walkway, you will feel insecure because anyone who walks past can peek at what you are doing. It also symbolizes no support and attracts back stabber. You can resolve this situation by placing a mirror to reflect on your back so that you can see who is approaching. Alternatively, you can also counter it by having a chair with high back support.

It does not apply to the office but also to home Feng shui. For example, your sofa, bed and wealth position must have back support too.

2. Avoid Sitting Facing the Wall

If you are seated in this position, you should shift your location because the wall symbolises obstacles to career growth and promotion opportunities. However, if it is impossible to change your place, you can hang a picture of an “open” scenery to improve your bright hall.

3. PC Desktop background does matter

It will be good to have “mountain and water” as your desktop background picture because it symbolizes your future career growth. So it will be best to avoid images with negative interpretations like sunset, skeleton and others at all cost.

feng shui office tips


4. Counter Office Politics with a Rooster Ornament

If you are a victim of office politics, you can display a rooster at your table or cabinet to peck away the unnecessary gossip and politics.

5. Keep your Workspace Free of Clutter

It is a good habit to spend a few minutes every day to clear your workspace. It will brighten your day and give an excellent impression to bosses. Besides that, it will also increase your efficiency and productivity in a de-cluttered space.

6. “Hidden” Storage is a NO NO Too

It would be best if you had a clean and tidy workspace, but you must also get rid of unwanted documents in cabinets and cupboards instead of shoving everything inside. In the long run, it will accumulate stagnant energy that can hurt your success at work unknowingly.

7. Avoid a Seat Near to the Door or Other Unfavourable Position

Sitting in a location that is too near to the door is unprotected and vulnerable. Even if you have no choice but to be seated in this situation, try not to have your back facing the door. Make sure that you can see anyone who is entering the office.

8. Left or Right?

When facing the table, the left side represents the green dragon, and the right is the white tiger. On the green dragon side, you should fill this space with activities, so it is best to place your phone on the left to attract good calls, like sales inquiries, order taking, and thank you call. But if you put the phone on your right, it will do the opposite; that is a complaint call.

Enjoy applying these office Feng Shui tips in your workspace to attract promotion and career growth opportunities.



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Office & Career8 Useful Feng Shui Office Tips For Success (Dos and Don’ts)