Feng Shui Bedroom Color

Is Red a Good or Bad Feng Shui Bedroom Color?

Looking to give your bedroom a fresh new coat of paint? Wondering if your favorite red hue is a good or bad Feng Shui bedroom color? We can take reference from 2 different angles, either from the Feng Shui or scientific perspective. 

Bedroom Color Established Using Feng Shui

Feng Shui emphasizes balance and harmony in our environment. Red belongs to the fire element that represents high energy and passion If this color dominates the room, it creates an imbalance in the elements that can affect the luck and health. 

Furthermore, the bedroom is a space that required the presence of Yin energy that allow you to relax and rest. However red is Yang energy that might disrupt your sleep.

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Bedroom Color From Psychology Perspectives

From the psychology viewpoint, color is more than just a visual experience. It can also affect our mood and emotion.

Red is an energetic color that might be too stimulating and intense for bedrooms. It can increase your blood pressure and causes anxiety. Too much red in the bedroom might keep you awake throughout the night and difficulties to fall asleep.

All these factors can affect your sleeping pattern and quality, thus negatively impacting your health condition over time.

The bedroom is the space where we rest and rejuvenate so the chosen color theme should be soothing to our eyes. It should encourage good sleep quality and improves your health in the long run. In this case, red might not be the perfect color choice.

But if you really love to incorporate red color into your bedroom, it is good to to use it sparingly in supporting decoration. For example, instead of painting the whole wall red, it should be only used in the pillow, linens, small home decor.

The final decision is still yours when choosing the bedroom color. Most importantly, you must love the color and feel good.

Beside the selection of color, you might be keen to know more about the things to remove from your bedroom for good Feng Shui.




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