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Does Main Door Facing Staircase Outside Affect Feng Shui?

We will examine if it is considered bad Feng Shui to have stairs facing your front door. In Feng Shui, your main entrance is one of your home’s three most important places, besides the stove and bedroom.

The main door is also known as the “The Mouth of Chi”, where the energy enters from outside. So you need to set up this space properly and also have to pay attention if there is any staircase facing the front door.

What Happen If A Staircase is Facing The Main Door Directly?

From the view of Feng Shui, it is unfavourable to have a staircase facing your front door because it represents energy (Qi) and wealth luck gushing down the stairs and out of the home quickly.

For example, imagine that you have dropped some coins at your doorstep. The coins will bounce down the steps to the bottom, symbolising wealth loss and leakage.

Despite this general statement, you also need to pay attention to two factors if you face this Feng Shui challenge.

1. Consider the Distance Between Your Main Door and Staircase

This situation poses no issue if you have a big foyer area with the staircase located further away from the door. The energy (qi) can manoeuvre and harmoniously flow to other areas of the house.

However, if the foyer area is too small and the staircase faces the main door, the energy will rush down the stairs quickly and cannot be accumulated.

2. Steepness of the Stairs Play A Part Too

If you have a steep stair just in front of your main door, this is called “卷帘水” and is generally not ideal for your Feng Shui because it is a sign of loss of wealth. In addition, it will cause the qi to gush out of the house very quickly.

feng shui staircase outside main door


Feng Shui Cures to be apply for Main Door Facing  Staircase Outside

It will be best to avoid buying a house with such a layout. However, you can apply the cures if it is impossible to change the situation.

1. You can place a prosperity elephant (the trunk must be facing up) at the main entrance to absorb the lost qi.

2. Alternatively, you can place a 5 Emperor Chinese coin on the door frame or under the mat at the main entrance to neutralize the Sha qi.



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