Mystic Knot Feng Shui Significance and Use

Mystic Knot Feng Shui Significance and Use

This Mystic Knot is a popular good luck charm in Feng Shui. If you take a closer look, it combines 6 infinity knots that depict the meaning of endless (no beginning and no ending / infinity and eternity). It is believed that this auspicious symbol bring happiness and good fortune by attracting continuous flow of positive energy. 

With the auspicious meaning behind it, it is usually being combined with different other Feng Shui products to boost or enhance the energy.


Mystic Knots Uses and Application

1. Mystic Knot Tied with Chinese Coins

This decorative Feng Shui Chinese Tassel (it come with 3, 5, 6, 8,9, 10 coins with different meanings and uses) , together with the mystic knot enhance the wealth properties of the Chinese emperor coin.

These coins has been widely used by many Feng Shui masters as a cure for annual negative flying star #2 black and #5 yellow / migitate Sha qi or also act as enhancers. You can either choose to place this good luck charm at your wealth corner or carry it along with you in your wallet for good luck.

Feng Shui Chinese Coins tied with Mystic Knots Tassels for Wealth and Good Fortune

2. Mystic Knot As Accessories too

Beside integrating with other products, it can also be carried everywhere you go as an accessories, for example, keychain, bracelets, cuff link or even as a ring, symbolising bring good fortune together with you.

If you are a frequent traveller, it is always good for you to carry one along with you for protection.

3. Using as a Wind Chime

You can use the mystic knot wind chime in your home to bring you good luck, protection and help you avert bad fortune, or to counteract the negative Feng Shui energy effects.

Note: Avoid using this metal wind chime in the east sector of you house because the east belongs to the wood element.

4. Boost Flying #8 Prosperity Star

According to Flying Star Feng Shui, Display the mystic knot in this sector where the flying star #8 flies into, it will help to enhance wealth luck and bring prosperity to the household.

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5. A Symbol of Love

Pair the mystic know together with a symbol of a romance, such as a pair of mandarin ducks or rose quartz crystal ball to help you enhance you love luck and bring happiness to your marriage relationship.

In summary, the presence of mystic knot will help to benefit every aspects of your life.



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